Bogus Totem Summer

by Gay Against You

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This is the final Redux edition of a record / project that was worked on for a year or so in 2007. We collaborated with artist and animator Arran Ridley (who also did the art for "Righteous Signals, Sour Dudes").

The album comes with a video for each track (included in the download!)

Its a summer record, inspiring by touring, drawing, playing!


released October 17, 2009

Music and Lyrics by Joseph Howe and Lachlann Rattray. Recorded at Mummy Caesar, Glasgow - summer 2007.
Video and Art by Arran Ridley.



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Gay Against You Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Pencils
summer skies could be darker
drawn on wall with a marker
coloured crayola sunglow
watching art through a window

though the season is later
draw our summer on paper

felt tip, sketch out the outline, fill in the shading - sharpies are fading
one cold september morning, totemic warming - winter is calling

don't want sunshine to end yet
alter photoshop preset
print a copy for later
summer preserved on paper
store away for the cold days
totem summer for always

save some weather with pencils, cardboard and stencils, to fill the space till
we draw most evenings and weekends, only with close friends, till summer again,
till summer (totem) summer
Track Name: Bogus Totem
summer, the days are long, a bummer, the coming storms are warmer,
we document it in this song
foreboding - a secret sign, a warning, a bogus totem showing that our summer will soon be gone
careful, its now or never - how best to deal with bogus weather, forecase with feather, fire and stone
preparing, in some months time, there's flooding and snow and hail and lightning,
our totem proudly stands alone

learning of how the earth is changing, the change is soon in coming
the summer season alters fast
be careful, a season's power, we're dancing for magic totem shower
to wash away the recent past
a signal fills you with dread, an eagle reminds you of the long dead,
continental bufflehead
our totem is standing tall, a symbol to show to all, our summer
preserve it to the season's end
Track Name: Cuddly Assault Course
no need to be careful, there is no real danger
everything is soft and its confined with rounded edges
you will need no training, it can't be much easier
the object is to have fun and damn the consequences

look out for number one, get good at safe fun
mistakes are unmade with magical bandaid
parental police force, on cuddly assault course
Track Name: Sooo Heat
its hot! (yeah) its super hot (so)
but we could steal the summer heatwave, keep it safe for winter bleak days
we will make a giant totem, use it to convert the photons, working hard until its complete,
we will have our summer sooo heat
searching low and high, during day and in twilight, for a way to preserve summer, we'll have shorter days and winter cold snaps

your story is told, you can be brave, you can be bold, you can be true, you can be neat, you can be blue, you are sooo heat
follow your heart, it knows the way, to where the sun goes at the end, end of the day
under a sky without a moon, its always may, its always june

basking in your midday glory, do you know about the story
of the man whose summer drifted, autumn breeze his spirits lifted
we are packed and we are prepared, bogus totem we are not scared
of the mission we have chosen, come the winter we're not frozen

it's here, it's here, it's here (yeah), rain and blizzards all draw near
stars are automatic, phototonic, copro-micro ergonomic
labour saving magic potion, perfect anti winter lotion
feel the seasons turn, warmer days now feel less burn, now our
totem it is fueled and running, it is cold while we are sunning

(totem summer)
Track Name: See Breezus
we travelled across the musical bridge, where footsteps echo with distant chimes
we saw the mountain up ahead, we braced ourselves and then we climbed
we climbed for forty days and nights until we reached the very top
the mountain would reveal to us, the secrets that we hoped to find
at last we saw the summit near, we scrambled to the very top
we looked out, out upon the world and started, out of fear and hope

for all across the magic land, things were not as they first seemed
from a distant all looked grand, all pleasant, all summer and green
then all at once, the bridge had gone, leaving us both trapped and scared
the mountain also dissapeared, vanished into thin air
Track Name: Undiscovered Gulp
start of summer, end of winter, getting ready for the big hot
but every time we think, that it is time for spring
too wet for a picnic, too cold for anything
a rainy day lament, frustrated arguments
games are no fun inside, hide and seek and eye spy

tempting us with cloudless sunshine, step outside and you will freeze
woolly jumpers and sweater, trousers on to heat your knees
its not time for t shirt weather, too cold out with that see breez
its not winter, not quite summer, trees are ready but not green