I Play Gay

by Gay Against You

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I guess you could say this is a covers record, only backwards. Or something. We curated a bunch of 'versions' from our favourite bands in 2007/8 and then sung over the top. Parallel world renditions of early Gay Against You tracks.

The accompanying comic is by Stefan Sadler, from FAMICON, who imagined the undertaking as GvsY rehearsing for the final concert before the end of the world.


released October 17, 2009

Music, lyrics & vocals by Gay Against You.
Track 1 performed by Dananananaykroyd.
Track 2 performed by Dolby Anol.
Track 3 performed by Agaskodo Teliverek.
Track 4 performed by House Mouse.
Comic by Stefan Sadler.



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Gay Against You Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Gay Unicorn (Dananananaykroyd)
i glow when i am endangered, find me in enchanted glades and don't approach me if a stranger, in a crowd i fade away
i was brought here by a sailor on a boat from far away and i am doomed to be a failure, unicorns are turning gay

unicorn, unicorn (repeat)
Track Name: Hairy House (Dolby Anol's Hairy Haus)
oh i am ever so scared with the crypt and the dungeon, you'd better beware, oh oh the people who should be under the ground and they're not coming down, oh they're not coming down

oh oh the trapdoor, leading to somewhere unknown and there's no one to call by the mail or the phone
oh oh the people, who have returned from the grave and they're back here again and its flesh that they're after

a flashlight shone, round every bend, that same strange noise, is heard again
it echoes round, that eerie sound, let's just hope that we can be found
Track Name: Plums De La Mer (Agaskodo Teliverek Version)
plums don't grow in the ocean, plums don't grow in the sky
pears don't grow in the ocean, pear don't grow in the sky
pineapple don't grow in the ocean, pineapple don't grow in the sky
peach don't grow in the ocean, peach don't grow in the sky
Track Name: Licquorice Bloodsports (House Mouse Version)
hey trained me well, candy cane bootcamp
they trained me well, hikes in the forest
they trained me well, candy floss mountain
they trained me well, i'm the harry boat kid

they trained me well, licquorice bloodsports
they trained me well, raindrops and mintshine
they trained me well, sonar is less than
they trained me well, i'm a fizzy prize fighter

they trained me well, iain's a joker
they trained me well, additional verses
they trained me well, sparkly nuisance
they trained me well, sweets for the winners