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This EP consists of tracks cobbled together from an even earlier tape release which we initially denied any involvement in.

Once we started playing more often we decided that if we didn't have any merch to sell then we were pretty much wasting our time, so decided to release this as a CD-R.

Using our home made CD burner (nothing more than a Bunsen burner gaffer tapped to a car stereo) we would make about 10 cds before each show and we would refuse to leave the venue before we sold them all, a practice which would later earn us ill-reputation amongst the bourgeois promoters with no concept of 'hard work' and 'making ends meet'.

Original Cassettes recorded in Summer 2006 (for Punching Rash Zine Fair) and transferred to CDR for shows in december of the same year. We sold this CDR a lot at our early shows and it was later uploaded to Last.Fm (for free!), where it was the most popular free download for a couple of months running. Thanks to Tom!

Gay Unicorn was recently used as the soundtrack for DVS's new skate shoe advert -

A bunch of these early tracks can also be heard, covered by other groups, on our 'I play Gay' record.


released December 22, 2006

Recorded and produced by Joe Howe and Lachlann Rattray at The Bunt Club, Glasgow 2006.



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Gay Against You Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Hello
hello (repeat)
Track Name: pPanda
bamboo killer
Track Name: Plums De La Mer
plums don't grow in the ocean, plums don't grow in the sky
peach don't grow in the ocean, peach don't grow in the sky
pineapple don't grow in the ocean, pineapple don't grow in the sky,
pear don't grow in the ocean, pear don't grow in the sky
Track Name: Ice Scooter
oh, what a big ghost!
Track Name: Princess Diana Walkman
listen to you everywhere, in my ears and underwear
plastic fads are not my care, cos in my heart you're always there

you're obsolete technology, but that does matter to me
Track Name: Licquorice Bloodsports
they trained me well, candy cane bootcamp
they trained me well, hikes in the forest
they trained me well, candy floss mountain
they trained me well, i'm the harry bo kid

they trained me well, executive bloodsports
they trained me well, raindrops and mintshine
they trained me well, sonar is less than
they trained me well, i'm a fizzy prize fighter
Track Name: Gay Unicorn
i glow when i am endangered, find me in enchanted glades and don't approach me if a stranger, in a crowd i fade away
i was brought here by a sailor on a boat from far away and i am doomed to be a failure, unicorns are turning gay

unicorn, unicorn (repeat)
Track Name: Goodbye
goodbye (repeat)